Neato! Rail Twirler

Neato! Rail Twirler

Item: 1952

UPC: 085761019522

Toy Tower Compatible

The Neato! Classic Retro Magic Rail Twirler challenges the imagination and inspires scientific curiosity. Measures 9 inches long with a 2-inch diameter plastic wheel. At the handle base and frame end are plastic barriers to keep kids’ hands safe and the wheel from spinning off into the distance. Tilt the metal frame at different angles to make the twirler spin faster. Magnets along the plastic wheel keep it adhered to the wire frame, allowing it to twirl along the track like magic. A peggable blister packet includes 1 Magic Rail Twirler.

• Age Grade: 5+
• Product Dimensions/Weight: 4.3 L x 1.6 W x 12.9 H / 0.2 lb
• Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 16.4 L x 8.4 W x 10.7 H / 5.0 lb
• Made In: China
• Batteries not required

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